About the Founder

Yeva Ghazaryan began receiving education in the classical European style at the age of six in Yerevan, Armenia. For seven years during her childhood she spent evenings at the Eduard Mirzoyan School of Music, studying under piano masters who themselves had studied under students of Rachmaninoff, et al. After years of performance experience, Mrs. Ghazaryan graduated with honors from the Eduard Mirzoyan School of Music in 1999.

President, Magnolia School of Music
President, Magnolia School of Music

Mrs. Ghazaryan continued to perfect her performance skills at the Romanos Melikyan Yerevan State Music College, where she studied under Dr. Eleonora Ter-Simonyan. There Mrs. Ghazaryan deepened her expressive relationship with classical music under Ter-Simonyan, a student of Ketty Malkhasyan who in turn studied under Konstantin Igumnov. Igumnov founded the Moscow Piano Performance School and studied under Nicolai Zverev, Alexander Siloti (who also taught Rachmaninoff), Pavel Pabst, Anton Arensky, and Sergei Taneyev. Upon attaining her Bachelor of Music degree with honors from Yerevan’s best music college, Mrs. Ghazaryan gave a series of concerts in Armenia and Turkey.

Soon thereafter, Mrs. Ghazaryan began studying music composition as well as piano performance at Fresno Pacific University in California on a full scholarship. FPU’s leadership relied upon Mrs. Ghazaryan during her studies there to represent the university at events such as donors’ conferences, art exhibition openings, charity concerts, and during a live performance for National Public Radio. From FPU, Mrs. Ghazaryan moved to the University of Nebraska at Omaha where she again studied under Dr. James Johnson, a pianist in the lineage of Rachmaninoff and Lizst. Under Dr. Johnson, Mrs. Ghazaryan completed her Master of Music degree in 2009.

Since then, Mrs. Ghazaryan has continued to give concerts in various parts of the United States. Through the Music Teachers’ National Association, Mrs. Ghazaryan became a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, upon which she established her school in Seattle.

About the School

Magnolia School of Music, LLC, was founded in 2010 by Yeva Ghazaryan. The mission of the school is to provide high quality musical instruction through various related programs and activities to students of all backgrounds and levels of ability from the ages of 4 to 18. The school offers:

  • Music Education
  • Piano Instruction
  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Music Composition