Magnolia School of Music, LLC was founded by Yeva Ghazaryan in 2010. The Magnolia School of Music, LLC, offers Seattle-area young musicians a premier education for developing their innate musical talents that all possess, specifically in the art of piano performance. It is located in the very center of the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle along 34th Ave W in a studio on the first floor of the founder’s home. Here is a statement from its founder:

“I value the importance of music in our culture and personal lives and desire to convey to children just how exciting music is. What I hope to bring to the lives of students is the realization that music gives them a powerful tool for self expression and cultural vitality. A variety of teaching skills animate the creative process of learning how to understand and perform music. The most important of these skills is the ability of teachers to support their students’ flowering relationships with music, and it is through the development of technical skills such as piano performance, music theory and music history that the teacher nurtures students’ budding talents.
At the Magnolia School of Music, young performers and musical interpreters learn not just techniques that deepen their understanding of music, but also begin creating a world of musical expression that throughout their lives they can enrich and share with their audiences and communities.”

– Yeva Ghazaryan